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Pet Portraits

Pet portraits are where I started as an artist and a big part of my heart is involved with my furry friends. Some samples of my work are here for your review. My clients often comment, "Oh, you've caught their eyes" and it seems that so much of our pets personalities shines in their eyes.

I work from bright clear photographs of your pet (remember I can only paint what I see.) The photos are returned with the finished portrait. I can paint a portrait of one animal from one or more photos, or I can paint a group portrait of several animals from different photos.

Click here to see a gallery of my pet portraits.

10% of my profit from pet portraits goes to pet charities; including Friends of the Pound and
my Humane Society


Dana's boys

Dana and her boys




  • All portraits come unframed and are finished with permanent satin finish urethane.
  • All painting are done from photos. Good, clear photos are a must. Remember I can only paint what I see.
  • All photos will be returned with finished portrait.
  • A 50% deposit is required upon ordering. You can send a check with your order form and photos or you can pay online with Paypal.
  • Client can view proof via email too appove finsihed portrait.
  • Balance is due upon completion of portrait.
  • Payments may be made in checks, money orders or PayPal. Cash only if ordering and picking up in person.
  • Once funds have cleared, painting will be packaged and shipped.
  • Artist reserves the right to photograph the painting fur future publicity purposes and also has the right to use the reproduction photo for note cards and prints. Client will not receive royalties from said reproductions.
Pet Portrait Pricing
Canvas Size
Number of pets Price
11" x 14"
16 x 20"
18 x 24"
18 x 24"
18 x 24"
24 x 30"
1 pet, head only
1 pet, head only
1 pet, head only
2 pets, head only
3 pets, head only
3 pets, head only
For additional pets, on larger canvases only, add $100 per pet to the given price.
Backgrounds will be painted in shades of blue unless client specifies a color or a color chip is included with the order .


To Order
Click here for a printable order form.

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