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Dana Muntean- Artist

Dana Muntean- artist Canton OH. Photo by J.Albert StudiosThere is a story behind every mural or project I've painted. I've met some amazing people through my art.

My work is whimsical, light hearted, some times dreamy. I love color. I enjoy painting animals, and flowers. Anything to do with Nature. Flamingos are so much fun to paint. Those crazy pink birds make me laugh. Yes I do have a few plastic ones in my yard. I leave them up year round, even in the snow. It adds a little humor,and color & helps get me through the winter.

I am always happy to paint beach scenes. I love the ocean & sand in my toes. When I paint those things it helps me escape. It relaxes me to see it when it's finished. Like I'm there. I try to create the "feeling" in my paintings. When you look at it , it takes you to a place ,or seeing it makes you feel good.

I am a self taught artist. I've experimented with all different techniques and materials. I appreciate collaborating with other artists on projects. We all learn something from each other. My work has matured through the years. I pay a little more attention to detail. I'm always learning something new.

I myself am a work in progress! I am serious about my work, but I don't take art so seriously. I want to enjoy it and have fun with it. I've often told students that I'm working with, that there are no mistakes in art. Don't be afraid of it. It's your own creation. Play with the paints. Enjoy the experience of creating something unique. Have fun!

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